April thru September

Various locations in Dublin and Limerick

Spontaneous Events during Spring and summer 2019

What is Happenings...

Founded in 2009, Happenings run low impact, informal, socially responsible events in public spaces. Their belief is that the pub (which is great craic) should not be the only option. When there’s fine weather they organise instant outdoor cinema events in parks and quirky spaces.
Other activities that Happenings organise are gigs, theatre, inspiring talks, feasts, kids playtime, adult playtime and classes.

Where do Happening's Cinema take place...

Happenings operate their outdoor moves in Fitzwilliam Square, Merrion Square, Rathmines Cricket Club, IMMA and various other high profile locations in Dublin.

Happenings also take their events out of Dublin and can be found in Cork, Limerick and Kilkenny

The Happening's philosophy...

Happenings have some simple philosophies. Everything can be better than it is now and we can help that. People and planet matter way more than profit. Create always. Have fun. Be nice.

A personal responsibility action at their events is Leave No Trace. Audiences clean up the space by taking care of their own waste. They also have an unlocked policy. This means they are unlocking the potential of public space and do not have drunken madness at anytime.

Eating at Happenings...

We're delighted to have the opportunity to work with Peter and the team from Happenings.

Each event is unique and we like to mix it up every time with a mixture of meaty meals, vegetarian delights and cracking international street food. Alongside our hot food trucks and pop-up tents, Caryna's Cakes takes care of the visitors sweet tooth with the most delicious desserts using best quality ingredients whilst Joanna from the Beanery keeps the coffees flowing from their delightful Citroen H Van.