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February 2016
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Trader Guidelines

In order for our markets to operate as efficiently as possible, we have put together some guidelines which we hope will assist everyone working with us:

    • All traders must carry their own Public and Product Liability Insurance to a value of not less than
      6.5 million respectively. All traders must also carry employer’s liability for 13 million. Please ensure Irish Village Markets are indemnified on your policy. A copy of same should be given to Irish Village Markets with each application. Irish Village Markets recommends: IOMST, MAST
    • All electrical equipment/leads require inspection tags and must be tested yearly. Irish Village Markets recommends: P.A.T.
    • Quick Erect Shelters, Market Stalls, Market Tents, Garden Shelters and Pop Up Tents. Irish Village Markets recommends: O’Meara Camping
    • Traders involved in the handling of food must register as a food business and comply with all HSE/EHO standards. Contact: EHO
    • For information on starting a food business and food safety contact FSAI
    • All traders must clearly display their menus and company name at the front and side of individual units.
    • For catering containers and disposables Irish Village Markets recommends: BP Supplies
    • All gas equipment must be certified with a RGI certified engineer prior to use.
    • Traders should arrive in plenty of time to set up their stall.
    • Each trader should provide their own cover and necessary equipment for displaying produce.
    • Ground sheets inside each stall and mats at front are to be used at every trading location.
    • All waste generated by each stall must be removed at the end of each day.
    • For insurance purposes vehicles will not be permitted to move on any market site during trading hours.
    • Please be sensitive with surroundings when trading on lawns, river banks etc.

Payment Schedule:

    • All payments are made by standing order to Irish Village Market’s bank account.
    • All rent is payable in advance and must be received at least two working days prior to trading.
    • All payments are subject to VAT at 23%.

Vendor fire safety requirements:

    • Liquidified Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders to be stored in secure steel cages and positioned in a safe location out of reach from the public and safe from impact.
    • Storage of LPG at each stall is not to exceed 75 kg.
    • Vendors to remove refuse on a regular basis to eliminate potential fire or other hazard.
    • A 4kg stored pressure dry powder extinguisher or 6lt Class F extinguisher to be provided for vendors serving hot food.
    • Vendors with deep fat fryers to have one 6lt Class F and one 4kg stored pressure dry powder fire extinguisher.
    • Larger catering units to be provided with an automatic fire suppression system, i.e. Ansul or equivalent.
    • All stalls must have a 180cm by 180cm fire blanket.
    • Stalls are not to be located in any position that impedes escape from any other building
    • All escape routes from stalls to be kept unobstructed.
    • All vendors to follow any instruction or advice given by the Fire Officers of respective market manager.
    • In the event of a fire raise the alarm and ask the public to stand away. If safe to do so, attack the fire using the nearest suitable fire fighting equipment. If danger threatens, stand away from the fire.
    • All staff to have a basic training in first aid fire fighting techniques and the use of first aid and fire fighting equipment
    • All staff to be provided with adequate information, instruction, training and supervision appropriate to their responsibilities, both for their own safety and that of others in the vicinity who may be affected by the hazards presented by LPG.
    • Smoking in or around the catering units/stalls unit is prohibited
    • Portable LPG heaters are prohibited.
    • Provide a suitable first aid kit.
    • All electrical equipment/leads require P.A.T (portable appliance test) prior to use.
    • All fire safety equipment to be regularly serviced and maintained.
    • All LPG equipment to be regularly serviced and maintained.
    • All cooking equipment to be maintained in good working order.