FoodCloud will be joining us at the Stillorgan LUAS July 15th.

The FoodCloud Kitchen will use excess
surplus food from our Hubs, that would
otherwise be wasted, as ingredients to
prepare a delicious food offering to citizens,
community organisations and corporate
partners at markets, festivals and events.

All the proceeds will go back to fund
FoodCloud’s core services of redistributing
surplus food to charities across the country.

The Menu will be dictated by the excess surplus
available in their Hubs and so will be subject to
change but will centre around a lunch style

– Sandwiches
– 3 Cheese Pressed Toastie (veggie)
– Ham Cheese Pressed Toastie
– Chicken Thigh Sambo, Pickles, Mayo
– Chilli Beef, Pickles, Sour cream, Salsa, Nachos
– Spiced Potato Cakes, Mango Chutney, Raita,