Grub hub2Brian McCann and his Grubhub stall can be found serving up delicious fajitas and gyros at most of our lunchtime markets.  We nabbed him (which is tough – he’s a busy man!) and got the lowdown on how he came to join us!

Tell us about your stall, how did it come to be?

Our stall is relatively new to the Irish Village Markets. I had previously run a small, successful construction firm employing 7 people which unfortunately closed with the downturn as work and credit slowed. As a result, I was looking for a new career direction and I was very interested in the Market as a potential opportunity. I made contact with Des Vallely, the owner of IVM and discussed my ideas and the stall came into being.

Have you always had a passion for food?

 Yes, food and people and conversation all together. Family gatherings and meals catering for big numbers have always been a regular occurrence in our house and we love food! I try everything and especially love tasting and cooking new dishes. One of our most popular products on the stall is a New York style Gyro (warm lamb pitta) which is iconic street food in the Big Apple and has translated really well to the markets in Dublin. We also do great Chicken Fajitas and the secret to everything we do is really fresh ingredients sourced and prepared daily.

When you’re not feeding people, what do you like to do?

I watch my kids play football every weekend. I love to travel and get away when I can and I have a big interest in History – I watch loads of documentaries and read a lot on the subject. Most of all, there is nothing better than a Saturday afternoon on the sofa with a beer and an old black and white war movie!

What is the best thing you’ve ever eaten, and where did you eat it?

Fresh lobster and scallops in a tiny restaurant in the South of France with a €1.50 glass of local white wine.

Other than your own, what stall would you recommend people visit at Irish Village Markets?

I’ve tried everything and it’s all good. At the moment I keep going back to Sol Burrito for fresh Chilli.

You will find Grub Hub at EastPoint, Mespil Road, Blanchardstown, Merrion Square and Sandyford every week.



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