Salt & Malt

Welcome to Salt & Malt, where we’re proud to serve locally sourced sustainable fresh fish & chips from our mobile food truck at various lunchtime market locations throughout Dublin City & County.

Here at Salt & Malt, our focus is on using quality ingredients to bring our dishes to life and utilising sustainable produce in order to look after the future of our fresh fish and chips.


Irish Charcoal BBQ

Irish Charcoal BBQ specializes in cooking Irish pork sausages and Irish beef burgers.

Cooked over our lumpwood charcoal swing grill which adds a unique flavor to our meat, all served on handmade rolls with sides of chips with many toppings to choose from.


FoodCloud is a not for profit social enterprise working to tackle the twin issues of food waste and food insecurity. FoodCloud offers a fast and efficient way for businesses to redistribute surplus food to charities and contribute to their local communities in a meaningful and practical way. Their retail solution connects retailers with local charities, allowing them to donate food on a daily basis. Our hub solution rescues large volumes of surplus food and redistributes it to charities and communities.


Smiths Ice Cream

You’ve tried the rest, now try the best.

Smith’s ice cream vans specialises in providing the best soft whipped Irish ice cream to all types of events all over Ireland.

Sweet Almomnd

We are a Homemade PLANT-BASED Bakery. Our mission is to be the ultimate resource and inspiration in the kitchen, to inspire connections and community through baking, and to use our business as a force for good. We would like to give our customers the experience of tasting AMAZING treats without causing any harm to any animal and still have all the flavours and textures. We have plenty of gluten-free options as well. All our products are made from scratch and our main ingredient is love! All bake in small batches for more freshness.


Country Grill

Country Grill Our most popular dish is the Loaded Ciabatta Special.  Our famous Rotisserie Chicken, marinated with homemade spices & herbs cooked to perfection on the rotisserie combines the crispy chicken skin and succulent meat. Loaded on to a fresh ciabatta with or without our signature stuffing and smothered in wholegrain mustard mayo and finished with rocket. Served with chips or garlic and rosemary roast potatoes.

Saide’s Kitchen’s

Saide’s Kitchen’s speciality is Mediterranean cuisine which includes a range of bakeries, vegetarian dishes and authentic recipes.  We are committed to producing the finest quality food daily with a strong focus on using the fresh local ingredients. Our menu items include lentil balls, stuffed dried aubergine & pepper, spinach & cheese pastry, authentic wheat salad, baklava and many more at the lunchtime market. We would be delighted if you visit our web site for more information about our products and services.

Coconut & Moo Moo

We are Coconut & Moo Moo and create artisanal gluten-free desserts. Our speciality is basque burnt cheesecakes having a caramelised top that borders on burnt combined with a jiggly custardy centre. Our burnt cheesecakes are a delicious combination of textures and tastes. Baked at a scorching temperature to deliver a beautiful, dark exterior full of bittersweet notes that make the light, creamy interior seem even richer and more flavourful.

Taste of Thai

Simply put, the tastiest Thai street food in Ireland!

Tadka House

Tadka House offers a wide variety of low-calorie, healthy food. Our menu lists an array of lean meat, fresh vegetables, lentils and beans. The fat content in our recipes is reduced while retaining the very best flavours and aromas of India.

The Drunken Cookie

American style cookies brought to Ireland. These big ones are definitely not your average cookie. Weighing in at almost 200g per serving, each cookie is stuffed, topped, sauced and delicious. We can guarantee you won’t find another cookie company like us. We are not a PC brand. Much like our product! Sexy cookies for sexy people.

Pappas Falafels

Pappas Falafels create their delicious wraps and salad plates with a Lebanese twist. Their version is made from chick peas which are soaked, ground and mixed with spices, such as cumin, garlic and coriander, then deep friend to golden brown perfection.
Visit Love Falafel every Wednesday at Central Park Lunchtime Market.

Meat Mafia

“Meat Mafia are passionate about the food we create. Our food is freshly prepared each morning and we use flame grilled 28-day dry aged sirloin steak is served on a toasted ciabatta with fresh rocket, sautéed mushrooms, onion and a choice of homemade pepper or garlic sauce”. For those who really enjoy their meat, try the Full Meaty – grilled steak & chicken served with onion, mushroom, coleslaw, cheese and mixed leaves.

The Crepe Wagon

A big hit on the festival scene, the Crepe Wagon are a family run business who grow all our own spinach, basil, tomatoes, strawberries and have a small orchard with apple, pear and plum trees.
Their crepes are freshly made on site and served from a very uniquely vintage style bicycle wagon. The Crepe Wagon staff are fully trained crepe makers and offer real quality and value for money. With healthy servings and innovative ideas and recipes, it’s easy to see why their crepes are always so popular.


Jaru is a Korean kitchen based in Dublin offering a range of Korean soul foods that include Kimchi Fried Rice, Korean BBQ Beef, Pork Belly, and a wide array of delightful side dishes (Banchan) and homemade sauces.
Jaru source all their ingredients every morning from the local market thus ensuring their customers taste the freshest food at every lunchtime market.

dos burritos

One of our long term traders, Dos Burritos have been creating the best Mexican food at the Village Markets for over eight years. They offer three tasty options at all of our markets; the burrito, the burrito bowl or the burrito salad, all cooked fresh on site every morning. You will find all the usual fillings with a vegetarian option also on the menu. Their salsas include red salsa, smokey chipotle or green & sweetcorn salsa.

mr noodle

A popular stall at the Irish Village Market, with flames always emanating from their pitch as they cook up their sizzling king prawn fried noodle. These guys are in so much demand, expect to be handed a card with a number and wait for a bit. It is worth waiting for mind you, with veg spring rolls, chicken, king fries or beef fried noodle. For the vegetarian palate, the team at Mr Noodle can offer a white onion, mixed peppers, carrots, bean sprouts and spring onion noodle dish

Dublin Bratwurst

The authentic German sausage served with a bun and Sauerkraut (German onion) which is a tasty addition. We also offer our delicious German bratwurst with wedges in a lunchbox. This comes with optional sauerkraut, fried onion, red onion, mixed pepper and cheese, so you can have it just how you like it. Recently we have also started to offer potato noodles, this is a traditional German schupfnudeln served with sauerkraut, bacon and sour cream. Yum!

Burger Cartel

This is Ireland’s coolest and best street food burger outfit. Burger Cartel use only locally produced beef and suppliers to create their great burgers, and their menu includes great sides such as loaded fries. Burger Cartel also serves up spiced lamb burgers and chicken fillet burgers. Run by chef Paul Catterson, Burger Cartel operates from professionally branded gazebos, a vintage 1964 American Airstream Trailer and their newly arrived American style food truck.

Kerala Kitchen

Bringing fresh Indian food to the Irish Village Markets. We use tandoori ovens imported from Delhi to create the best dishes and all served from our hand painted Indian trailer. We have a full menu to choose from with all the favourites such as rogan josh, tikka masala, jalfrezi, paneer and spinach curry and also a wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes all of which are gluten free. All our tasty dishes are served with rice and poppadoms.