Pasta Box12PastaBox is a business set up by Eliseo an Italian pasta chef from Sicily who came to Ireland in 2005 and has worked in restaurants for over 7 years.

With a passion for pasta Eliseo has left the kitchen and has taken to the road to bring his authentic homemade Italian pasta to the people!

At PastaBox you can be sure to get an authentic taste of Italy in every bite at a great price. Choose your pasta, select your sauce and get ready to get a tasty treat from PastaBox.





Bz-543qIIAAWyqk.jpg largeBxuxA3CCAAAjL8A.jpg largeEliseo & his team offer a delicious wide range of homemade pasta that includes:

  • Bolognese – The classic tasty Italian meat sauce that’s sure to keep you going all day long
  • Pesto (V) – A fresh basil pesto that’s light on the pallette but not on taste!
  • Carbonara – A tasty treat made with pancetta, cream, eggs, black pepper and fresh parmesan
  • Pomodoro (V) – The simple fresh tomoato and basil sauce that goes great with any of our pastas
  • Arrabbiata (V) – A spicy number that’s sure to get your taste buds tingling with garlic, tomato and chilli
  • Vegetali Misti (V) – The finest seasonal vegetables tossed in our homemade tomato sauce

You will find more information and details of their locations here