Poke – The next big healthy and tasty food trend to sweep Dublin’s street food scene. Poké (pronounced POH-kay) has everyone hooked. It’s hard to resist Hawaii’s beloved raw fish salad. Poké is currently the new ‘IN’ thing over in California, New York and now Dublin. It is beautiful, colourful and vibrant on the eye and tastes even better! The real beauty of the dish is its simplicity. It mostly features sashimi grade tuna or salmon, marinated in soya sauce and sesame oil, diced into cubes and served up as a cross between sashimi and a chopped salad.

There are hundreds of different variations that are served in round takeaway bowls dotted with healthy ingredients such as wakame (seaweed), edamame beans and sesame seeds. Tropical fruits like pineapple and mango. It will come dressed with soy, sesame oil, chili, lime or scallions and is often placed on top of rice with ripe avocado. We source the freshest of ingredients and take huge pride in that. Poké is SUPER healthy, fresh and tasty.

Visit Shakapoke at Fitzwilliam Square every Thursday & Sandyford each & every Friday.