Shoots & Roots

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Shoots & Roots at our Sandyford Lunchtime Market, beginning June 12th 2015.

Shoots and Roots – Short Bio

What we do is based on the principle of bringing together vibrant, delicious food with high quality nutrition. The food is minimally processed and fully plant based.

After studying in Cooks Academy, Phil learnt his craft working in the kitchens in Cornucopia and The Happy Pear. After recently setting up as Shoots and Roots he now aims to bring a selection of whole, unprocessed, health food to the Dublin lunch-time markets.

IMG_20150307_092723The menu will change from time to time but here is a sample below:

-Choose 1 main and 2 salads


-Choose 3 salads and 1 topping for a salad box


-Pan Fried Carrot Bhaji w/ Beetroot and Walnut Smash

-Couscous, Blackeyed Bean and Almond Cake w/ Roasted Red Pepper  Hummus


            -Moroccan Chickpea & Roast Squash.

-Asian Noodles.

-3 Cabbage Slaw.

-Herbed Bulgur and Spiced Aubergine.


            –Beetroot & Walnut Smash

-Roasted Red Pepper Hummus