The Kitchen

TheKitchen5We caught up with Adrianne recently and asked her to give us some background information on her business.

The Kitchen is run by Adrienne Couto Ricardo, a native of Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil. Adrienne has lived in Ireland close to 6 ½ years, with a little time off for good behaviour in a few places like Dolceacqua, Italy & Monte Carlo. Adrienne has had a passion for cooking for a very long time and studied gastronomy in AIG, Brazil and has decided this year to open her very own little kitchen. Adrienne serves traditional Brazilian BBQ’d meats and meals such as rice, beef/chicken, farofa & vinagrete and also handmade traditional Brazilian sweets called “Brigadeiro” – don’t know what all this stuff is? You’ll just have to come and try it out – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Tell us about your stall, how did it come to be?

“I bought the stall from an Argentine duo who used to travel around festivals and were moving back home, I managed to strike a deal with them and here we are. I’m in the process of making it my own, so it’s a bit of a work in progress – but I think it’s getting there – slowly but surely. I’m bringing the Brazil out in this girl”.

Have you always had a passion for food?

“Yes. Since I was very young I had a real passion for food and so too does my husband. We’re both really into cooking. I trained in Brazil, Italy and Monte Carlo and he trained for a short time in Dublin but has a natural knack for getting it just right when it comes to food. That’s how we met, he cooked dinner at a friends’ house and we started from there”.

When you’re not feeding others, what do you like to do?

“I love eating out, traveling and learning new languages & cultures. I love travelling home to Brazil and visiting family there. Mostly I tend to cook together with my husband and also BBQ with our friends”.

What is the best thing you’ve ever eaten and where did you eat it?

“Pizza in Dolce Aqua, Italy. Mmmm… (Having a Homer Simpson moment)”


What should visitors to your stall expect?

“Real Brazilian street food. The kind you find in the Churrasquinho’s anywhere Brazil. Not the fancy restaurants but the real garage-type BBQ’s littered about the place. Good honest meat and chicken cooked just right and tasting great. We like to think we’re letting people have a little taste of the real Brazil, right here in Ireland”.

The Kitchen’s Menu

*BBQ’d Sausage Sandwich €3.50

*Pao com linguica €3.50

*Hotdog   €3.50

*Cachorro Quente €3.50

*Skewer   €3.00

*Espetinho €3.00

*Beef, Rice & Salad €4.00

*Carne, Arroz & Salada €4.00

*Brazilian BBQ Lunch €5.00

(Beef, Rice, Ground Cassava Root, Vinaigrette & Crispy Onions)

(Picanha, Arroz, Farofa, Vinagrete e Cebola Crocante)

Brigadeiro €1.00

(Handmade Brazilian Chocolate Sweets)

*Soft Drinks €1.00

*Bebidas €1.00