The Reggae Kitchen

Reggae Kitchen brings the fun loving flavours of the Caribbean and the exotic spices of Africa to Dublin’s blossoming street foot markets. Chef Pamela Lupembe is a seasoned hand at catering to international tastes.  After a lengthy stint cooking up delicious dishes on the spice island of Zanzibar and the safari circuit of Tanzania, she is back home in Dublin where she is dishing up the tastes she loves the most.  Swing by and try a Trenchtown Jerk Chicken Stew Pot served with a healthy portion of Ghanian Jollof Rice.  Or try a Trinidadian Sweet Potato and Black Bean Stew with a side of Fried Plaintains.  Whatever you choose you’ll feel the music in the flavour!

Background and Biog for the Reggae Kitchen

Tanzanian by birth, chef Pamela Lupembe came to Ireland to study law but left with an abiding love of food and an Irish husband, Rory Egan!  Together the pair established themselves in the bustling safari business in Tanzania developing a thriving safari lodge and tours operation outside Ngorongoro Crater.  Happily back in Dublin now after their long stint abroad, they have just launched Reggae Kitchen, a vibrant celebration of the tastes of Africa and the tropical flavours of Carribbean cooking.  Hugely excited by the growing Dublin street food scene and the impressive Village Markets, they are looking forward to adding a new dimension to the rich and expanding culinary landscape.

You will find the Reggae Kitchen at Spencer Dock (Wednesdasy), Fitzwilliam Square (Thursdays – May thru October) and Sandyford every Friday.