Say Fish

10011491_873613805988834_8804491562784470680_nSay Fish can be found at our markets in Stillorgan, East Point, Spencer Dock, Waterways Ireland, Mespil Road, Sandyford and Grand Canal, so it’s fair to say Dave is kept busy!  We asked him a few questions so you could get to know him better:

Tell us about your stall, how did it come to be?

I started street trading on the east pier in Dun Laoghaire in 2004, selling hot dogs and burgers.  Then I went on to selling at night in Dublin city center from 10pm till the early hours of the morning.  This job gave me a real insight into the workings of night trading!  Needles to say, it’s not for everyone.  From there I started to get bored with the product I was selling and looked for something new to bring to the market.  I traveled around and viewed what was on offer and saw that there was no one selling seafood.

It’s amazing that for an island with a great source of fish, some of the best in the world, we as a nation simply don’t eat much of it!  There are so many different types of sustainable fish available.

We started our menu with the likes of clams and mussels and squid with chorizo but soon found that bringing our menu back to only one thing, fish and chips, was the best way to sustain a manageable


business plan with only two hours to sell your goods.

When you’re not feeding people, what do you like to do?

I would love to say I have a life outside of the markets but for now I’m working seven days a week!  The few hours I do have off I spend with my beautiful daughter Sophia and my son Luke.

Other than your own, what stall would you recommend people visit at Irish Village Markets?

If I had to recommend a food stall other then my own I would recommend Kerala Kitchen, Kanum and Burger Republic are a great treat. But if I’m honest I would recommend all the stalls as I think every one of the traders does a great job.  Believe me, all the guys are a great bunch of people and I am privileged to work alongside them.


You can spy Dave’s delicious sauces in the background there – they are all homemade, and according to him, you won’t get the lemon cajun anywhere else!