Whitewater Shopping Centre Christmas Market


A fun introduction to our traders this christmas
Very tongue in cheek BUT remarkably TRUE……..

John Brogan – Irish Hand-Made Children’s Cardigans, from Donegal. The softest cardigans but OH so colourful, just like John with that beautiful soft accent he has and his bright smile. The cardigans like John are Charming….

Gerry Chaney Photography specialising in Newbridge, Curragh and Kildare Landscapes. Selling his photographs and promoting his photography business. Gerry is a local man and is often seen talking to customers and old friends when he should be working, the trouble is he knows everyone!

Feili’s German’s Grub – Gabor will be offering us authentic Bratwurst and to bolster the Adults some warmed mulled wine. So if you are seduced by the smell of outside cooking and yearn for the tastes, smells and ambience of a Winter Bratwurst with optional sauerkraut, fried onion, red onion, mixed pepper and cheese, then follow your nose and join the fast-moving Queue.

Bertrand Hugo Authentic Breton Crepes from an authentic Breton, with an Irish accent! Bertrand, is multi talented speaking French, Breton, Spanish, Norwegian and Irish.As well as offering delicious made to order crepes, with chocolate, banana, marshmallows and the traditional lemon and sugar he also has plenty of conversation, why not say hello in every language.

Eddie & Linda A local business Curragh candles, selling their personalised and scented candles. Eddie and Linda are a newly fledged business and rely entirely on the local community and their excellent reputation. Mr and Mrs Candle as we call them are       always there to help.

Mary O’Driscoll – Mary offers beautiful sterling Silver jewellery, modern designs and traditional sets. You will love them so much that you will add to your collection year after year. Gift boxed and presented beautifully,  JUST LIKE MARY HERSELF.

Martin O’Brien Martin offers Celtic designed handcrafted silver jewellery. For the present with all the Irish skill and design as only found in handcrafted silver. Martin is a mind of information and his knowledge of Crystals and designs is unmatched. Professor Crystal we call him, will help you make that important Gift choice even more special.

Greg and Joy – offering children’s puzzles, handcrafted jewellery, scented handmade soaps, candles and lots more. Greg has a smile as wide as a bus and eyes that light up like a child. Whom better to help you select your gifts for that special someone in your life, whether they be young or old, there is ‘Joy’ to be made in all of your selections.

Andy Reilly   Andy offers handcrafted Christmas Wreaths and Table decorations for that touch that screams TRADITIONAL. If you need Holly and must have Mistletoe then you have to see Andy for those ‘attention to details’ only he can provide.

Stephen & Thomas O’Loughlin- Stephen and Thomas are Magicians with wood. You see Stephen and his brother only use ‘Windblown’ wood – they turn the simple things in life into mini works of art, like a chopping board into a ‘talking piece’ or a cheeseboard into an heirloom.     There is wonder in the ‘wind blown wood’.

Mary & Kevin  Slate Creations are handmade gifts and personalised treasures. Unique one offs that show the person you care. Whether their interest is Music, Movie stars, sporting bikes or just a humorous joke and mottos then Mary and Kevin can make it up for you. Want it handmade? Want it personalised? Want it unique? Then it has to be Slate Creations and the UNIQUE Mary and Kevin.

Jacqueline – Pixi Boo – For a Fair-trade gift like Peruvian Jumpers, new age T-Shirts and zany Hippy bags, or perhaps a leather bracelet for him and love beads for her or just the fun stuff that teenagers love then a mooch around Pixi Boo Stall will have you cosy and busy for an hour at least. Buddha’s and incense, angels and fairies and dream catchers galore. Get lost in Pixi Boo this Christmas and find the fun and colour of the festive season….

Trevor runs the Merry-go-round and we stole a bike off his merry go round last year and hid it, he didn’t even notice!!!! Alzheimer’s definitely being considered ha-ha

Francis runs the water Balls and only comes to Newbridge at Christmas for the fun and high jinks, after all he wouldn’t come for the money or the glamour of the job. It’s not California for sure!

This year Irish Village Markets will be running the Whitewater Shopping Centre Christmas market in Newbridge, Co. Kildare. Operating from 11am – 6pm every day from December 6th – 24th theres something for everyone.

The market will be situated on The Avenue directly outside the front door of the shopping centre and will have something for everyone.