Yelp Went Up-Market with Irish Village Markets

Some nice reviews from our friends at the Yelp Elite Squad during our  Silver Service Market Experience at Mespil Road last Thursday.

Nikki P (Yelp Elite user)

I think this might actually be one of my favourite yelp events to date. I had been dying for a chance to check out the boats always moored up at the canal, and I love Irish Village Markets. So what better way to spend a Thursday lunch combining both of them?! It was a bit overwhelming at first trying to decide what to go for food, but I ended up going with the Paella based on someone else’s recommendation. I was NOT disappointed.

And then to be serenaded with live jazz?! yes please!!! Such a great, lovely event, and a fantastic way to spend the day!


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Brendan W. (Yelp Elite user)

What a lovely way to spend a Thursday lunchtime!

I had never been to the market as it is at the canal along Mespil Road and was excited to check it out.

The setting was wonderful. The sun was shining. Dining on the boat was very novel and the staff and the market folk were lovely and helpful and welcoming.

It was incredible how quickly and efficiently they got all our lunches out considering how insanely busy it was in the market itself.

I had the rotisserie chicken which was yummy. Unfortunately they ran out of chips and coleslaw and never told them when they boxed the order up for them. But the fabulous lady got chips and coleslaw from another stall for me super quick.

I was STUFFED. I attempted a cupcake but failed.

I will most certainly be making a visit again to this market when I am next in the area as there were a lot of different dishes I was watching people eat that looked probably even nicer than mine!

Thanks again for having us and thanks Emily for another fabbbulous event! Ye big ride ye!


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Sabrina J. (Yelp Elite user)

Who ever said,”there’s no such thing as a free lunch” never met our Emily!
The setting was amazing, the canal boat was lush and cosy! The menu was vast and it was a difficult decision on what to chose!! I opted for an Indian….and boy what a great choice it was. The food was cooked to perfection and I loved the chillies on top…meaning I could make it as hot as I liked or not as the case maybe!! The jazz was great, the atmosphere was brilliant and the cupcakes were awesome!!
Emily another cracking event….and you even planned the perfect weather!!
Don’t know how you will top this one Emily…..

We will definitely be checking this food market out again….maybe the Eastpoint market next time!!!

l4Gilly W. (Yelp Elite user)

Possibly the most lovely Yelp Event I’ve had the pleasure to attend. We arrived early and were happily welcomed on board a very pretty canal boat down at the Mespil Rd and given a glass of wine. We sat out in the sun on deck listening to gentle jazz. Seriously – in Ireland, in October, what a way to see out the Indian summer!!

The interior of the boat was even prettier again, lovely flowers and tables close enough for some seriously good banter along the row. The folks who run the Irish Village markets took our orders and they were swiftly brought back to us, talk about being spoilt! I couldn’t resist the Paella Guys delish chicken and chorizo paella which also arrived with a sample of their cous cous and meatballs; something I wouldn’t have tried otherwise but was very glad I did as they were succulent and minty, the bees knees. Lunch was rounded up with a few jazz standards delivered directly to us in the cabin. Class.

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I’m a big fan of what Irish Village Markets have done, bringing street food and wonderful vibrancy to Dublin town. We owe a lot to folks who put themselves out there to better the food culture of Dublin and I salute them. They’ve a wonderful collection of independent food stalls are brought together under their umbrella, I just wish I had longer lunch breaks so I could make it to them more often! Well done all involved and a sincere thank you for a wonderful lunchtime.

Karen C. (Yelp Elite user)

I’m a fan of the market anyway, but am not factoring that into the merits of this amazing event at all –  because I don’t need to. The food, service and atmosphere were all top class. Fresh flowers on the table, silverware and wine… this is a side of the market rarely seen.

I had the Chili Chicken Cashew from Kanum. Deliciously spicy – avoid the obvious chunks of chili peppers if you’re faint-hearted.

The talented live jazz musician (wish I had gotten a name!) entertained us the entire time, but really blew everyone away with his private a cappella serenade of “Somewhere Over a Rainbow”.


Thanks to Emily and everyone else who made this happen, and a special shout-out to the notoriously moody Dublin weather – you really shone through today.

Kinj B. (Yelp Elite user)

Emily has outdone herself yet again! I Lovely event depicting the very reasons I love about Ireland! Lovely music, great local food options and a nice setting by the water.
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Loved today’s event, the boat, the Irish village market on Mespil road canal and company of fellow Yelpers!

I am discovering Dublin and new things about it! Loved it!


Nora H.(Yelp Elite user)

This was such an amazing start to October! I haven’t had a lunch this good for a while (or never). I mean, the infinite choices, the amazing weather, the jazz and the boat! It’s so refreshing to be able to enjoy all of this and still have delicious, clean, local food made with love.
The people behind this were extremely generous and highly accommodating.

The village markets are definitely gonna be my new rave.











Geraldine C. (Yelp Elite user)

Yelp2Talk about afternoon delight!!

If I was to daydream up a perfect little hour-long office escape, I really don’t think I could have thought of something as sweet and lovely as this event was.

Put simply: the sun was shinin’, the wine was flowin’, the Jazz man was jammin’, and the food was bangin’!!I didn’t realise that we’d be getting a whole meal each from any of the market stalls (I just assumed there would be tasters going around from a few) so I was seriously impressed with the generosity of Irish Village Markets to provide so much, not to mention amazed by how quickly they got the food from stall to table.

Consider my hat tipped!

Melanie M. (Yelp Elite user)

I’m on a boat, like a boss! Yup, having lunch on a canal boat docked along the Grand Canal surrounded by tempting food made me feel like a boss. The sun was shining and the jazz was playing, and the wine and food just kept on coming. I was totally enjoying this sensory overload. Flicking through the menu of dishes available from the market stalls made me feel a little overwhelmed as I wanted to try them all and didn’t want to have to choose just one.

In the end I went for the falafel plate from the Falafel Bite stall.  The plate was massive with four good sized perfectly cooked falafel served on a salad bed on homemade pitta bread. It came with tasty Middle Eastern salad as well as creamy hummus. I was very impressed with the taste and quality of the food, as well as the portion size. I also had the most delicious, perfectly cooked and seasoned portion of chips ever from the Say Fish stall. They were huge chunky chips, fluffy and not at all greasy. To finish off I had a very good looking and tasting vanilla 99 cupcake from the Cupcake Store. This was a lovely delicate fresh cupcake with icing that was not too sweet, a perfect way to finish our lunchtime boat party.

A big thanks has to be given to everyone who organised this event, it was such a slick operation and a lot of effort had obviously gone into its planning and execution. This was definitely a top notch treat for use lucky Yelpers. The quality of the food produced from the market stalls will make this a must do from now on whenever I am in the area.

Jenny F. (Yelp Elite user)

Fantastic event !! The lovely people of village markets treated us to a silver service market feast all in the lovely surroundings of a canal boat

As always with the village market my only problem was deciding what to eat – I was not disappointed with my choice of prawns and chips from “Say Fish”

BzA7QX3IAAAjrtC.jpg largeBrian B.

(Yelp Elite user)

A lovely event, and a wonderful lunch. Live music, tasty food, a glass of red wine, great company. All in all worthy of five stars. Brilliant idea, and a total success.