Zero Zero Pizza

Zero Zero Pizza was set up in 2013 by three guys from South Dublin, Conall, Karl and John, but the inspiration was conceived many years prior. First and foremost they are pizza lovers, and have been ever since Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Rafael burst onto our TV screens nearly 25 years ago! However, it wasn’t until the guys began holidaying in Italy that they realised how special pizza really is, and sadly, how far it has deviated from its’ humble beginnings in Napoli. Zero Zero Pizza specialise in Verace Pizza Napoletana which is the finest and truest form of pizza known to man!

We threw a few questions the lads way, nothing too nosy…

Tell us about your stall, how did it come to be?

Following several trips to Italy Conall was inspired to build his own wood fired pizza oven where he learned to replicate Neapolitan Pizza. After years of research, experimentation and eating, we nailed it! The perfect Zero Zero Pizza was born!

Have you always had a passion for food?

Very much so, all three of us are lovers of food (and drink)! Conall is an excellent cook and we have learned a lot from his knowledge in the kitchen, especially Italian influenced cuisine. Passion is nearly an essential ingredient of this food! Our love for Pizza is infectious, the level of detail involved in producing our dough and sauce is such that it requires this type of commitment.

 When you’re not feeding others, what do you like to do?

Travelling and experiencing new cultures and cuisines is something that interests us. But at the same time you can’t beat a pint in your local pub hanging out with friends.

Other than that; we are big sports fans, whether it’s football, rugby or snooker.

What is the best thing you’ve ever eaten and where did you eat it?

Pizza of course! Not just any pizza though, a margherita from “Pizzeria da Michele” in Napoli, Italy. This pizzeria is amazing, there are queues outside the door every day from 10am! These guys produce amazing pizzas and have done since 1870…this place was an inspiration for Zero Zero Pizza!

What should visitors to your stall expect?

Authentic, real Italian pizza, produced using the age old processes and cooked in the same manner. We use a combination of Italian ingredients imported from Campania and fresh Irish ingredients. Expect to be blown away by some of the best pizza in the country!

Other than your own, what stall would you recommend people visit?

It really is tough to pick just one, there’s so much quality at the Irish Village Markets! The Gourmet Kitchen does amazing sandwiches and they have a really cool setup in a converted ambulance. We also love Ali’s Falafel stall…if you’re looking for good Falafel then look no further!

Zero Zero Pizza can be found at Spencer Dock & Sandyford every week.